vision and mission

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To be an essential tool that assists in maintaining financial stability and strengthening the financial system within the ECCU.


To reduce NPLs in the ECCU by acquiring toxic assets of approved Financial Institutions and efficiently managing and expeditiously resolving the acquired assets, while maximizing financial returns within a prudent risk management framework.

our values

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our core values

The corporation is committed to the following core values which will be key to realizing the vision and mission of the ECAMC:

  • Transparency & accountability: we take responsibility for our actions
  • Integrity & trust: we operate with honesty, and encourage trust and mutual respect
  • Equity & fairness: we operate in an environment that is equitable and fair to all
  • Service & teamwork: we work together as a team to provide excellent service to our customers
  • Excellence & innovation: we strive for excellence in our endeavours and are open to new ideas
  • Diligence: we will work assiduously to carry out our mandate in the prescribed timeframe
  • Commitment: we are committed to achieving our goals and taking advantage of opportunities
  • Sound corporate governance: we will adhere to sound corporate governance practices

Overall, the vision, mission and core values are required for the ECAMC to achieve its targets over the life of the ECAMC. The vision, mission and core values are the foundation upon which the corporation makes decisions as reflected in its strategic goals.

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