Sion Hill Residence

This 3-storey masonry dwelling house situated on land which lies above the road and measures 9,735 sq. ft. is located in the residential area of Upper Sion Hill, on the western coast of the Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The second floor has an area of 361 sq. ft. and accommodates a gazebo. The first floor is 3,122 sq. ft. with three (3) bedrooms, three (3) bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and a porch. The ground floor measures 1,575 sq. ft. with three (3) bedrooms, one (1) bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, storeroom and a porch.



The location is supplied with the necessary domestic services which include water, electricity, cable, telephone and access via a paved road. It is in close proximity to beautiful beaches and several historic buildings and landmarks.


This property is a sound investment in your future – there’s no greater feeling than owning your own home. 

        Price: EC$1,471,000.00

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